…get me some cig-rettes!!

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s been awhile since I “really” blogged. But I can tell ya some cool stuff that’s happening. First off, I’m working with an amazingly talented brass musician and composer, Dr. Tomas Stone!! (Who happens to be my best friend, Jen’s hubby!! They are SO adorable together!! And in all honestly they could and SHOULD do stand-up comedy together! I laugh so hard I hurt every time I’m with ‘em!!…………“Baby, go thru Starbuck’s & get me some cig-rettes!!” ROAR!!!!) Last week Tom & Chris (…sorry, I can’t remember your last name at the moment…but your wife sounded nice on the phone!!! J) informed me that one of the tunes I wrote was a NO, R&B song….well….COOL! All I knew was when Chris (last-names-less) played on it, I was like…uh, that’s like EXACTLY what I’m hearing in my head!! (Which is actually a scary thing…no one needs inside my head…not even ME sometimes!) Anywho, Tom’s brass sounded PHENOMINAL on it….yeah, Tom’s brass….(Jen……stop with the comments!!!) HA!!! Ah well, enuff for the moment, maybe more later…

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