…a most wonderful movie!!!

Young Catherine: It's been years since I've seen this movie!!! I LOVE IT!! Julia Ormond was AWESOME! I just wanted to watch it again tonight…so I did. Amy S., do you remember talking about this movie in 1st period? Girl, thank you for being…how shall I put this?…cultured!! J (HA!!) We watched that movie so many times…OYE!! I know it perfectly!! WE know it perfectly!! And HELLO, when I bought the movie…after recording it off of TNT…they took out MY FAVORITE SCENE!! ARG!! But, I’m still watching the one I bought.


And, well, there is…was…Mark Frankel…how tragic! What an amazing actor…and beautiful man!! How very, very sad…we talked about him too!! J When I saw, Kindred the Embraced, on TV, my heart nearly stopped!! And then….how very sad!!!

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