Karmyn? How do you say that?


Karmyn Tyler Cobb

Howdy! I’m Karmyn Tyler! (a.k.a. Mrs. Cobb!) Welcome to my little website! Glad to have you here!

Here’s a little about me. I was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas and grew up in the Ark-La-Tex town of Texarkana, USA. I am the youngest of 5 kids (2 girls and 3 boys). I began my love of music laying under the piano at church while my Mom played for the service. (My Mom’s an AMAZING pianist – BTW!) She did her best to encourage piano in my life, but I took more to singing and (thanks to the then-new Disney channel) musical theatre, film and TV.

Favorite Films Growing Up:
To Be or Not To Be (Mel Brooks Version) #ExitSashaKinski #APickle
Pirates of Penzance #StopLadiesPray #HoldMonsters #KevinKleinSoSexy
Ghostbusters #Listen #DoUSmellSomething #ComeHereFrancine

Favorite Shows Growing Up:
MacGyver (interested in how the newest show will be!)
Highlander (looking for the photo I took of Adrian Paul at Comic-Con!)

My husband, Christopher Cobb, and I live in Manhattan with our beautiful cat-son, Skinny Kitty. I teach private singing lessons & voice technique and continue my flirtation in the entertainment field.

Here’s a little about my page. This is basically my Internet home base. I put links to my music, photography, teaching and acting life. I’m also crazy interested in technology. So much, in fact, that I created a silly podcast in 2006 called “The Karmyn Kast” about my love of TECH! (Boo to Mevio for shutting down and goDaddy for deleting my hard work…oh well…lesson learned!) I also share tips and such on skin care and…you may even find a political statement every now and then…OYE!

If you are interested in hearing my music you can search for me on Spotify or hear my music on mySpace. (Yes, I know the Album Photo is intense – giggle!!) You can also buy my music on iTunes or at CDBaby.

If acting is why you are here, please view my reel and IMDB page.

I’m quite active on social media. Facebook and Twitter are my main hubs, but I’m really starting to enjoy Instagram and Google+! Oh! And don’t forget my Blog on this site. I’ve been blogging since 2005! (Oye!) 😉

Before you go, I’d love for you to sign up for my monthly newsletter. I will let you know all about my pursuits and what influences have aided me along the way, but I PROMISE not to use it for ridiculous reasons like…crappy SPAM mail where you’re going “OMG-GAW!”

Feel free to leave me a “YO” below! 🙂 OH! And it’s pronounced just like ‘Carmen’ only my Mom had to get all crazy with the spelling! 😉

This voice is hot and geared up to lay some sizzling tones across your space so make room! – Karl Strober, Jazz Trends

Ms Tyler is one of the most delightful finds and discoveries in jazz. She is first rate. – London entertainment critic, Maximillien de Lafayette


Karmyn Tyler is a former Miss Louisiana and Talent winner at Miss America. She is an actress, singer/songwriter, voice-over artist, vocal teacher, podcaster, photographer, and digital artist.  Karmyn has appeared as a principle talent in numerous national commercials including Applebees, EyeMasters, Lincoln/Mercury and Half-Price Books.  She co-starred with country artist Mark Colley in the feature film Alabama Love Story and as Harriet Korda in Lifetime Movie Network’s Inspector Mom with Danica McKellar. Other television credits include an Assistant DA on Boston Legal and intern in Grey’s Anatomy. Most recently she was cast in the film Candles staring “Duke of Hazzard” alum John Schneider set to film 2015 in New Orleans.

Her musical theatre & opera credits include P. Burke  in Weird Romance, Sister Mary Leo in Nunsense, Guinevere in Camelot, and Pamina in the Magic Flute. Karmyn attended Centenary College and has two Fine Arts degrees in drama and vocal performance and a Bachelor of Applied Arts & Science from Texas A&M.  She recorded her first self-titled album in 2004. The unique arrangement of Gershwin’s Summertime from her first album was nominated for a Grammy award in 2005 and her original song Drifting was nominated for Best Song of the Year in 2006. Karmyn is listed in London entertainment critic, Maximillien de Lafayette’s book World Who’s Who in Jazz, Cabaret, Music and Entertainment.

Karmyn is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, Actors’ Equity, AFTRA, NARAS (Grammys), BMI, and the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Karmyn was the host and producer of the Karmyn Kast, a Audio/Video Podcast on the Mevio Network for 8 years.

Karmyn and her husband currently live in Manhattan where she continues to perform and teach. She has taught private voice and acting for over 15 years. She is honored to have many professional actors and vocalist in her studio. For more information please visit her studio site: KTVocalStudio.com.


6 thoughts on “Karmyn? How do you say that?

  1. Thought I’d say “HI” so here it is


    Been looking at your YouTube clips and listening to some great vocal pieces.

    Tell Chris we all miss you both and hope the holidays are great for you there in the NY world!

  2. I just saw your name in Wikipedia when I was searching for Star Search I thought ur performance was wonderful. Star Search just got you the expose u needed. Good luck on the future & we hope u have fun achieving it.

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