Karmyn? How do you say that?

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  • Miss Louisiana 1995

Howdy! I’m Karmyn and welcome to my website! Glad to have you here!

Here’s a little about me. I was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas and grew up in the Ark-La-Tex town of Texarkana, USA. I am the youngest of 5 kids (2 girls and 3 boys). I began my love of music laying under the piano at church while my Mom played for the service. (My Mom’s an AMAZING pianist – BTW!) She did her best to encourage piano in my life, but I took more to singing and (thanks to the then-new Disney channel) musical theatre, film, and TV.

Feel free to leave me a “HELLO” below! 🙂 OH! And it’s pronounced just like ‘Carmen’ only my Mom had to get all crazy with the spelling! 😉

14 thoughts on “Karmyn? How do you say that?

  1. Thought I’d say “HI” so here it is


    Been looking at your YouTube clips and listening to some great vocal pieces.

    Tell Chris we all miss you both and hope the holidays are great for you there in the NY world!

  2. I just saw your name in Wikipedia when I was searching for Star Search I thought ur performance was wonderful. Star Search just got you the expose u needed. Good luck on the future & we hope u have fun achieving it.

  3. A very very Happy Birthday to you, Live long life .. god bless you and family….. BTW my birthday is also same day as you on 12/10/74

  4. Hey there! You probably don’t remember me (or maybe you do if you have a good memory) but you and I sang a couple of times together in front of the church at First Baptist Church in Nash. Clearly, you were the better of the two!!! hahahaha – Glad things are going well for you.

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