Grand Saline!!

Okay Grand Saline was really fun!! Everyone was SO nice!! It’s a small town where everyone knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE!! Which can be cool…or not so cool according to a really cool check out girl at Brookshires! J  I completely understand though!! Everybody in “your” business? Eek!! She was so funny! Well, I stayed at an AWESOME Bed & Breakfast called Little Fannie’s! (…the story about it is AWESOME too!!) Anywho I went into town to get some vittles for in the morning….because I’m picky…(hee, hee)…and when I was checking out she (the really cool check out girl at Brookshires) said…so you’re the girl who’s picture’s been all in the paper! I was like….uh yeah, I guess that’s me! (Eek!!)


Anyway, the concert was SO much fun!! And people actually danced!! (Yeah!!!) I did however goof on Dancing in the Dark/Night & Day!! I’m not sure what happened, but I lost it…the words…I know I said something…in rhythm…and as I understand…it even rhymed!! ARG!!! I thought only my mother and producer, Bill (who came…thank you SO much you are SO awesome and having my first “Canton” experience with you was FAN-TABULOUS!!! I love you, Bill!! And I LOVE my gifts!! And I can’t WAIT to see the dresses Reggie has for me!!!!….insert music…..“I feel pretty, oh so pretty…..”) Okay, back to the concert….I thought no one would know, but….JOSH!!! Lew’s cool son with REALLY awesome hair…came up to me and said, “so, did you change the words to Dancing in the Dark/Night & Day?” I was like, oh my gosh, yeah, I had a brain laps. And Josh told me that he had listened to my CD quite a bit and so he knew I messed up, BUT he said that unless you knew, you wouldn’t have even guessed!! Mom and Lew told me the same thing!! YEAH!! Oh well, no one’s perfect!! And sometimes that’s hard for me to deal with!!!! At least…ME being perfect!! (hee, hee!!!)


More later, but Grand Saline…was awesome!! Thank you Grand Saline for making me feel so special….i’m SOOOO honored that you asked me!!!

2 thoughts on “Grand Saline!!

  1. Wow! I'm glad my hair left such an impression… Anyway, I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the concert, or performance (can you call a show in front of 100 seniors a concert?). Your song "Drifting" was by far my favorite, though I loved all of it. Even the improvisation on Dancing in the Dark was well sung ;->. I wish you the best and I hope you get everything you deserve. Let me know ok!- Joshua Burks

  2. Josh, you are AWESOME!!! Thank you SO very much!!! And yes, your hair left a lasting impression as did your dancing with your little sisters!! You're just…….awesome!!

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