Buh-NAH-nuh!! (hee, hee!!)

Okay, I’m really sleepy so this will be as quick as possible! HA!


Cool day! Everyone was great!! Or as Julie says, “phenomenal!” If you don’t know what I’m talking about visit my xanga!


Okay the moment I wanted which would not have been possible in a final because they are in the same draw…pay attention, Karmyn…Agassi vs. Nadal!! ARG!! And I’m going to MISS it!! It’s gonna be on SATURDAY!!!! So….if you see it, feel free to scoff at me!! Although I will be doing something really cool….I SO want to see that match!!! Well, I’d have to watch the scoreboard thingy on the net anyway!! That’s what I had to do today for the Nadal/Kendrich match! WHOA!! 25 aces for Kendrich?? H-E-L-L-O!!! I caught Nadal on his 6th!! J Anyway, I had to listen to it via internet and watch the live scoreboard…..which was interesting!! And a bit cool!! But the scoreboard was more “live” that the radio, which was NOT cool!! The dude irritated me because he kept mispronouncing Nadal’s name…Nay-DELL!! Uh, NO, it’s Nay-DOLL!! It reminds me of when they used to mispronounced Andre’s name…they’d say a-GOSS-see instead of A-guh-see. OYE!! The girl made me laugh, because when Kendrich’s girlfriend got him a blue drink and a banana….Well, I just ROAR when a Brit says, Buh-NAH-nuh!! HA!!! It’s just SO cute! BTW – Does anyone remember, Banana-man? And Dangermouse for that matter!! You know the one with Penfold?? OYE! Am I the ONLY ONE WHO REMEMBERS THOSE CARTOONS?? Also how about the Tomorrow People??? They were all Nick shows…or at least on the Nick channel!!!!


Man, I need to go to sleep…I’m really exhausted!! More later….

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