Bummed…but not for too long!!!

Major bum on Saturday!!! Andre….lost….but I’m sure the world knows that by now!! I was seriously bummed too!! Thanks BG for the vote of sympathy!! BUT, I’m still very happy for Nadal. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, he (Nadal) lost in the 2nd round last year. So I wanted him to fair better, but NOT to beat Andre to do it!!!!!!!!!! BUT, again, a Rafa – Fed-head final…..SWEET!!! But until then, I’m going to watch the tragedy unfold…yep, I taped the fatal match…and I may cry!! Well, maybe not…IF it were the US Open, I would SOOOOO cry!!!! L


Okay the Miss Arkansas’s Outstanding Teen thing was so much fun!! The panel was so great too!! We jelled and were honest with each other about what we were looking for!! To my understanding it was the best top ten they had ever had…and to be 100% honest it was probably one of the most talented top tens I’ve seen in EONS!!!! What is in the water with the tap dancers!!?? WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Ya know, sometimes judges don’t jell and it’s a horrible mess!! But I’m sure our winner, the beautiful Dorothy, will do AWESOME at Nationals and perhaps bring home the crown!!!! And with Mr. Mac on your side, there’s NO stoppin’ ya!! Man, if ANYONE in the universe can prepare a girl its Mr. Mac!! Mac, you ROCK!! And thank you Mr. Mike for all of your help getting us to and fro…you and your wife are SO sweet, not to mention your most adorable “Gerber-Baby” granddaughter!! (Oh my gosh, you HAVE to see this baby!!!) And Meghan!! You are SO beautiful & talented!! And I’m SO mailing your graduation gift; I completely forgot to bring it!! Sorry!! Have fun at UT!!! And Paula…you are STILL gorgeous girl!! 2 kids and a figure like that!! I should be so lucky!! J


Oh! This is cool!! Thank you Ken for emailing me this!! It’s a video of the crowning! Click here!! OH and CONGRATS to Lizzy Blum for getting in top ten at the Miss New York Pageant!!!! YEAH!!! I SO knew you could do it!! We just need to get the crown next year!! J Yeah!!!


Random – Okay I just saw the Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuelos “Tide” commercial they are SO adorable!!! I swear Kelly and I are kin!!! I act just like her!!! So I guess I need to find a Mark Consuelos. Uh, HELLO!!! (tee, hee!)

2 thoughts on “Bummed…but not for too long!!!

  1. Hey you, don't feel too bad for Andre. He was valiant, I saw it live. It was a major "passing of the torch" moment. Nadal is a physical freak, at least where it is concerned with tennis. It was the youthful lion taking out the old king. Nuff said.Yeah, it was sad a bit, but Andre still has one major left, and a career grand slam behind him. Many of those considered great have much less. The BBC comentary by John Mc. was very touching. England loves Aggasi, so he went out with honors.As a matter of fact, on the street over here, people were much more concerned with Aggasi than Henman. Thay have really given up on him, lol. And of course they have now lost there young hope. Oh well.Sports is sports. Agassi has left behind a great many memories. I know that is not a great consolation though. When I officially "retired" from Powerlifting earlier this year due to injuries I could not recover from, I was devistated. I did bounce back in Mixed Martial Arts, but still, a chapter was closed. If I had as many accolades as Agassi, maybe the hurt would have benn less, who knows.You have a great 4th! Say hi to your mom, lov ya both!Eban

  2. Thank you SO much for that!! I was truly upset and knowing that everyone was with me on the emotional end…makes me feel better!! And though I have not had time to watch the HD, I will…and will have to relive the moment. It’s pretty sick, but I actually STILL have videos of his matches that I recorded YEARS ago!! (Eek!! I can’t believe I admitted that!!) He’s just AWESOME! And thanks for sharing your story. It’s hard when a chapter in your life closes, but…the new one…just might be a little more exciting than ya think!! :)Mom says, “hello,” and we love you guys too!!

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