Tennis Time!!! My picks…but not exactly because of the way they play…hee, hee…go figure!

As you tennis fans know, Wimbledon is ON!! I haven’t gotten to watch many matches because of my schedule, but I’ve checked…as OFTEN as I possibly could!!!


All that matters is that Andre is STILL in!! I saw an interview with him yesterday…amongst the “who will Brad Gilbert be coaching” episode!! Oye!! He (Andre) seems SO happy & fulfilled!! As I watched, I remembered one of the MANY reasons I like him!! His smile!! It’s so honest and real!! It’s probably one of the best smiles I have ever seen! He just beams!! (Julianne don’t start with me on the whole Brooke & Andre thing…now’s not the time!!!) But he’s retiring this year…his last Wimbledon!! How AWESOME it would be if he won!!!!!!! And how sad that I will never see him play again…well not as an ATP man!! L One of “goals” is shot!! Ah well!! Such is life!! But I really am bummed about it! Maybe if I can get to the US Open this year….but I don’t see that happening…(sigh) L


Who I’m watching?

Agassi (of course, THE MAN!!)

Nadal (the “clay” boy wonder!) – and thank you bgilter for the Nadal update!! (HA!!) Pour-ting!

Blake (my hero!)

Federer (the genius!)

Nalbandian (GOOD player and tough for Fed-head!)

Ancic (because he’s just GOOD too!)

Hewett (just don’t be a jerk to Blake or I will have to start hatin’ & THAT’S not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Watching but not much hope for:

Bracciali (your cute, although the “mug shot” on the site looks pretty…muggy!!)

Murry (go Andy!! The Brit’s love ya & so do the Scots!!!)

Haas (hmmmm….very interesting!! How far this year??)

Roddick (don’t get me started, although good game today! Talent is talent…but humility is a beautiful thing & right now you’re not even very pretty!!) L


Oops for:

Hanman….sorry man!

Philippoussis…grow up…that’s what you get for dating Paris’s girl-toy! (whoa! That wasn’t very nice of me, now was it!! Don’t worry, I’ll repent & apologize….later!! Okay!! Sorry Nicki!!) L (for the record I heard he wasn’t very nice to her!! What a JERK!!) L

Sanguinetti…you have a really cool name!!! J


Who I’d LOVE to see in the finals? Agassi & Nadal! Who will probably get to the finals? Federer & Nalbandian. Now, I’m NOT dissin’ Andre, I just worry about his physical health!! Although for thirty…what 36 now?? You look DANG good…. & play well too!! J (hee, hee!)


And that’s it for now, pal!!

2 thoughts on “Tennis Time!!! My picks…but not exactly because of the way they play…hee, hee…go figure!

  1. So, what exactly are you saying there Karmyn? You are not one of those "Young Folks" that think 36 is ancient, are you?You know 36 year old legs have some life in them, as those young, so called "up-n-coming" fighters learn when my 37 year old butt thrashes them in training, lol.I would not worry though, the way you are going you will be one amazing "ancient" 36 year old one day 😉

  2. okay, okay…36 is NOT ancient!! 🙂 I just meant for TENNIS, 36 is a little "up there!" (tee, hee!) I'm SO amazed that at the young age of 36, Andre can demolish the "babies" of 18 years of age!! 😉 Forgive me, Eban, I'm sure you are quite a thrasher!! 😉 Nadal (20) vs Agassi (36) – I SO wish I was in the UK right now to see Wimbledon!! I would be in heaven!!! Tomorrow? My vote is for Andre, though!!

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