Best in Show!

I went to my first dog show today!! Why? You ask. My cousin shows American Eskimos. They’re BEAUTIFUL!! Ya know, I’ve never heard the word….well, I just can’t type it out….you know – witch with a “b”. (So, I’ll just substitute, “b-witch”) Well, I have NEVER heard that word said so many times in one day and NOT be used as a curse! ARG!! It was unnerving at first, and then I was okay. The phrase, “Wow, that’s a really nice b-witch!” had a whole different meaning for me. And I agreed with the person saying that on many occasions.


I remember in college my roommate and I getting caught up watching Westminster’s one weekend! Then our friends came over and we all got into it too…it was weird! So I still watch it occasionally. I like watching them at home because Annie barks at all of the dogs.  Anyway, it’s really just a pageant for dogs!! And MAN do these people take it seriously! (Anyone remember the movie Best in Show!? Christopher Guest…nailed it!!!!! I should rent that movie again sometime!) Although my cousin’s not a freak about it, she does have beautiful dogs!! One of her dogs, Maggie, won BOB!! (Best of Breed). It was kinda dorky, but I was really excited for her!!! (hee, hee!!) Eek!! OH, and BTW, they have “show-moms” like “pageant-mom’s” too. And they are B A D!! Can’t people act like adults!! Sheesh!!


Janie said she'd “cut me a deal” on one of her puppies…I’ve seriously considered it!! They are SO adorable!! Speaking of that I saw this really cool bumper sticker the other day that said: Dogs are for life not just for Christmas! And I agree 100%! My dog is like my child…to a point, but I she is!! J

One thought on “Best in Show!

  1. A few years ago, my friend was saying that his b-witch (his dog) was kinda sick. A few days later I met him again and asked him how his b-witch was. He looked at me funny, and looked like he was going to explode. I had to quickly explain to him that I was talking about his dog. He thought I was talking about his wife! 😉

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