Big Brass Sports Band!!!

Okay, first of all, last night was a BLAST!! It was one of those…I’m supposed to be here…moments. Ya know!! I was just honored to be with those guys…and 2 girls (HA!)…it was just WOW! Live instrumentation, all of that crazy focused energy…whoa! I have to admit: The Setzer number was one of my FAVS!! Have the CD and it’s AWESOME!!!! And Mark flippin’ ROCKED!!! (Jen & I asked if we could kiss his fingers!!) I’m SO listening to the track right now!!!! And, uh, Mr. Setzer….I believe Mark SO ran you OFF!! And MIKE!! My mom is in love with you….not like THAT, but in love with your trumpet playin’!!! Jen & I sat back down from a potty break and mom turned to me and said, “I’m in love!!” Ya see where I get it??? Oh, and, I prevented her (my mother) from dancing on any more tables!! (hee, hee!! For those who needed to know that bit of info…and you KNOW who you are!)

Oh and Jim!! Mr. College basketball coach, you are SO COOL!!! Forgoing the FINAL to come hear us?? Now THAT’S friendship! (Although we know you TiVo-ed it & will “study” it sometime today!) And I HAVE to meet your wife!! She sounds SO COOL too!! Anywho, thank you for the insight!! Jim, Tom’s best friend, is the absolute coolest coach I’ve EVER met!! Jen, Jim & I talked about “performance levels” of singers/actors and the similarities of sports athletes and it was one of THE most intriguing conversations I have EVER had…all this at 1am in the morning, mind you!! (And YES, we talked about tennis!!) He SO psychoanalyzed my performance and it was the COOLEST thing!!!!! (You asked me questions that I never realized were so…“sports medicine”!!) And thank you for the compliments!! Jim, I’m SO gonna call you guys!! And I’d like to officially ask you to be my life coach!! J (hee, hee!) Thank you for the encouragement and “the talk”!  

And thank you Bill Causey for asking me to do the gig!! And MAN, can you not ever PLAY!!!! AAHHH!!! And you’re so “cool” when you do it! And Jen-Jen, I LOVE YOU!!! Your girls were AWESOME!! You are a magnificent talent and teacher and just a beautiful person inside & out!!!! And Tom!! Thank you for YOUR compliment!! Ya know, your mom can tell ya something, but when a fellow musician tells ya something…wow! Thank you! I SO respect your AMAZING talent!! WOW!! I was just blessed. It was a good evening!!

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