OH MY GAW!!! While I’m about to get my “beauty…uh vocal rest” for tomorrow, I just HAD to blog about the Summer Band rehearsal!! Jaw-dropping, flippin’ out, oh my gosh!!! SO Jen, mom and & I go to the rehearsal hall in time to hear, Mike Williams, uh the LEAD TRUMPET PLAYER for the Count Basie band!! HELLO!!!! He hit notes I could not BELIEVE!! WHOA!!!!!!!!! Absolutely Amazing!! People where so flippin’ out they were calling people and letting them hear him on their cells… He’s just…OH MY GOSH!! No words!! And THEN, I get up to rehearse and the band just blows me way!! They are flippin’ amazing!!! The charts were PERFECT!!! PERFECT!!!! And THANK YOU Vicki for helping me “corner” the Ella song! It SO worked!!! BUT, in the middle of Big Time when the guitar solo hits….Mark Griffith…ripped it up!!!!!! I was like peeing on myself…well not really….but WHOA!!! I was so in AWE that Bob…sorry I don’t know your last name…the sop. sax player had to remind me to come back in and finish out the song!!! I just thought, man, I am SO blessed!! Anyway, I’m off to dream land while my mother and best friend go out partying!! When I work, I don’t play!! Well, only on stage because it’s part of it and FUN!! But, I can go out tomorrow night AFTER the job is over!! See, I’m a good girl!! (seriously….you have NO idea!!) J

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