If you don’t like tennis or me drooling over Nadal….don’t read this!!

This is loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong! Just a warning……may separate it!! OYE! It really is noxious! I’ll read this a few days later and mentally vomit, I know!!!


Part 1


I am a sick puppy! I soooo had to Tivo the French, and I thought…man this is going to be anticlimactic. I actually found out who won via cell phone at lunch and I FREAKED OUT in the middle of Applebee’s! Woo-Who!! 60 straight clay court wins!! AMAZING! RAFA!!!!!!! And he’s SO flippin’ cute!! When I looked at the score I though,  “WHOA I HAVE to watch this!!” He won, 1-6 (eek!) 6-1 (ahhhh!) 6-4 (SWEEET!) 7-6 with a 7-4 tiebreak!!


Nadal & Federer are polar opposites!! Nadal has enough energy for 50 people at once and Federer acts like he could play tennis and “do his nails” at the same time!! It is just amazing to watch tennis…a rage of focused energy!! L-O-V-E it!!


How cute!! In the middle of a matches, Nadal has this funny little habit….he constantly, constantly, let me say it again, constantly has a wedgie! It’s like, “can I help ya with that, babe? I’d be happy to help! (and he has SUCH a nice derriere…. Me being the “butt” girl  that I am! (Oh my gosh!!…RANDOM: everything sounds so much better in French….I just don’t want to sing it!!!!) Anyway – just let me be the towel girl!! Or wedgie-girl…whatever…I’m there for ya!! And what’s with this new facial hair thing?? Hmmmmm…. he’s now in his 20’s and trying to look more masculine!! Babe, ya don’t have to try!!


AWESOME point at the 1-6; 1-0 1st deuce!! AAAH!!! Net action!!!!!

(I’m so blogging as I watch!) 


Mary Carillo…AAAHH!! Phrase of the day!! In reference to Nadal and the turn-around in this (the second) set: “He (Nadal) found his “happy place!” ARG!!! That is just too funny!!


Jennifer & Vince are there!!!??? I’m impressed!! Vince is SO tall!! Every time I see him, I think: DODGEBALL!! (HA!)


My goal for next year!! See both of these men play LIVE!!!!! And Andre one more time!  Random aside!


One really cool thing I learn from tennis: Ya can’t let a bad point ruin the way you play the rest of the set!! Ya let it go and move on!!! Another thing….whether you lose by 0-6 or 6-7….you still lose! They have both been playing for a couple of hours and are now going to be even…again….like when they started!! Only they have 3 sets left to try & win! OH and yet another thing! Court surface changes EVERY THING!!


UGH! People are being SO loud…how do you say “shut-up’ in French!! If you’re going to be loud (like me when I watch tennis) watch at home on TV!!!


Listening to Nadal yell at every point SO reminds me of Andre!! (Such fond memories!! But I’m SO ready for some new ones!!!)


Oye! Fed-Head! His eyes like a HAWK!! It’s like Harry Potter looking for the snitch!! For goodness sake!! Nadal is so baseline, baseline, baseline and Roger is SO…..anywhere!


Okay, I'm separating it!!


Stay tuned for….Part deux!

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