Part Deux and not much shorter!!! In fact, it’s just as long, I think…..or longer…

Off court RANDOM:

Nadal seems so shy and unpretentious off the court, but on court…hello! BAM!! And that’s like really attractive!! And Roger seems like SUCH a nice guy!! I know he used to have a lot of anger problems in the juniors…it’s really sick that I know that…but he’s such a gentleman…and that’s really attractive too!!


Okay moral dilemma! I don’t think of “bad” things when I think of Nadal…compared to some people’s idea of “bad” like “really bad!” But, OYE!! He’s SO hot!! And thank you Eric (Cohen) for the email on Nadal or…how did you put it? “You’re hot hunkie tennis guy won the French!” If he were “MY” tennis guy I would be the happiest girl in the universe! (forget Gerard Butler!…seriously….I’m SO fickle!….story of my life!!) Oh and Eric…thanks for reading the blog!! AND thank you for playing my music…could ya play “Make Believe” for me as a dedication to Nadal!! J I’m SOOOO serious!! (S.W.A.K.!!) WAER Jazz 88 Rocks!! Kudos, man!!


Nadal, BTW, is the ONLY 20 year old I would consider!! Even my mom said, uh, yeah, that would be fine with me!! Not for her…GROSS, but for me!! We’d have such awesome tennis kids!! Nadal think about it!! (HA!!) One of my dreams is to spawn a #1 ATP tennis player!! The other is marry a HOT guy!! He (Nadal) SOOOO fits the bill!! (Oh WAIT, commercial for Andy…Roddick….uh……NOPE! Don’t think so!! Nadal is MUCH better! Andy’s too cocky! And that’s so UNattractive!! Date yourself, man!! )


AAHHH! I’m seeing Roger without a shirt on!! This is SICK, but I remember the first time I saw Andre without a shirt on….AND without a shirt IN PERSON….not like THAT….(that would only be in brain…but I’ve repented since then!)…anyway…ugh….too much hair on your chest Roger….eeeek!!!  Nadal, however….not so bad!! J When ya see his cute belly button as he hits his most awesome 2-handed back hand…angels sing in my head!! (not really…but it’s a cool thought!!) 


Hee, hee! I think the chair ump just told everyone to “shut-up” in French! Cursing sounds so much better in French! Not that my teacher in college, hello Mr. Reuset, told us any of them…..hee, hee!!


Ugh this commercial is getting on my nerves!! Go away Geico gecko and take your “pie & chips” with YOU!!! AAAHHHHH!!! Fast forward, fast forward!!!! (Poor Roger!!)


Nadal is SO anal!! (that could rhyme!) We’d SO get along! He straightens his water bottles before he goes to the other side!! ARG!! AND he’s a family guy!! Oh, he’s perfect…okay at this moment in time I think he’s perfect!! It’ll go away tomorrow!! But come back when I see him play again!! J


Uh-oh, 4th set…Roger mentally breaking down… “pour-tang.” MISS HIT!! Whoa, Roger, what’s wrong?? (khhhee..hheee, hheee!) Tight shot on Roger’s face in anx!! (As in anxious…duh!!)


WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nadal making Fed run EVERYWHERE and Roger…standing-O on defense!!! I HAVE to watch that again!!!!!!!!!!! That was….a turn-on!! H-E-L-L-O!!!! Breaking back…..but I know the outcome and you’re a LOSER!! (I kinda feel bad for typing that….okay not too bad!! B/C you need to lose SOMETIME!!!)


Ya know…barring any physical injuries on Fed’s part….I envision Fed-Head coming back next year and winning! Beating Nadal….and won’t the victory seem SO much sweeter being that it took so much hard work and patience!! I know I’d appreciate it more!!!


Tie Breaking ACE!!!!!!!!!!!! Nadal, you’re IT!!!! (I know the out come and my heart is STILL beating fast!!!) 


AAAHH!! The WIN!!! Covered in CLAY he’s ever HOTTER!!!!!!  VAMOS!!!!!!


Awe, he’s hugging his family!! I bet he STINKS to high heaven!! Yuk!! I’d have to pinch my nose!! Eeeee-yoou!


Okay SPEECH!!! Roger – second place!! Awe, he’s so humble!! That’s really cool!!


Nadal: Is he going to speak Spanish, French or English? His English is actually getting REALLY good! He kisses the trophy!!! (hmmmmm…..never mind!) AWE!!! He’s crying!! He has SUCH beautiful features!!! I’m going cry with him!!!! Daddy & uncle are crying too! Spanish men are SOO sensitive!! It’s beautiful!!!


Okay, Roger, you’re really HOT speaking French!! OYE!!!!!!! Okay and that’s the second time you’ve turn me on, Roger….OYE!! I’m just going to have to ignore it!! J Rafa, in Spanish! Arriba!!! He’s SO nice to Roger!!! How sweet!! And he bites his nails!! (**sigh**)


Phrase of this blog by Nadal:

Yesterday: “If I wasn’t playing today, I’d be rooting for Roger!” &

Victory Speech: “Roger is the best on ALL surfaces!” (to which most of the crowd boos…)


Righteous humility is a BEAUTIFUL thing!!


Good night Nadal! Think about me!! (HA! I wish!!)  

Repenting would be a good thing….right before I fall asleep tonight!! (hee, hee!!)

WAIT!! He’s biting the trophy????? Uh……NO comment!!! Repenting, yet again!!!!! God HELP me!!!!

One thought on “Part Deux and not much shorter!!! In fact, it’s just as long, I think…..or longer…

  1. Karymn,I just left a message on your voice message thingy.Not that you've heard my hunky voice, I'm sure that you've forgotten all about those tennis obsessed boys.

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