smart & sexy!

Too sleepy (and giggly) to mondo-blog…more on that later….but NEWS FLASH…not really, but yeah…been watching the French….pretty predictable….(boo-hoo) but Nadal/Federer wanna see it!!!!! And WILL!!!!!!!! AAAHHH!!! This should be AWESOME!!! Who do I go for? Rock star or athletic genius?….Judging by the TV shows I like….the athletic genius, BUT one of my favs. (TV) Numb3rs…that guy is just TOO cute & sexy…and SMART!!!!! He’s like Federer & Nadal combined…in the field of mathematics mind you…man if HE was my math tutor in school…..AAAAHH!!…he makes me giggle!! And the info gleaned from the show….(ah)…makes my brain expand…I LOVE that feeling!!! Oye!! I need to go back to bed…at least its dark now!!! Still crushin’ on Nadal though….Vamos! It would, however, a most historic moment for Roger…..I would honestly be happy for him!!

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