A WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Had to share with all, so this is a double blog! (main blog & xanga) It’s another random one, so ya may want to skip it! (hee, hee!)


Okay, so I’m working on cutting some music down for a client and she was telling me about a family that she knew and for some reason we got on the subject of, “people who have strange or unusual pets.” So, she proceeded to tell me that one of the kids of this certain family had a tarantula, another had something like a ferret, but the last kid had a naked mole rat.


“A WHAT?” I asked.

“You know like the one from Kim Possible, a naked mole rat,” she said.

“Don’t you mean a hairless mole rat?” I asked with a chuckle.

With sheer honestly she said, “No, that’s what I’ve always heard them called a naked mole rat!”


Well, the more she said “naked mole rat” I just started to laugh!!  Now, yes, I’ve seen Kim Possible! (It was a while ago and my niece was watching it, so BACK OFF! Not to say that I don’t like or watch cartoons, but….whatever!)  So I remember the show, and I remember a pet that the guy had, but I DO NOT recall them calling it a naked mole rat! Come to find out, by asking several of my students, that there is not only a naked mole rat, there is also a naked mole RAP song!! AHHHH!! I roared with laughter!! The phrase (naked mole rat) just sounds like something you’d yell at someone who is being a complete idiot!! (Insert a “Hanna Barbara” type sinister voice) …you….youyou naked-mole-rat!! Of course you have to schmuck it all together like that!! BUT, to further add to my incessant attachment to this new exclamatory phrase, another student had to insert another viable bit of information:


So I asked her, “Does it (the naked mole rat) talk or anything?”

“Well,” she pondered, “it doesn’t really talk, it kinda beeps.”

To which she imitated…and was quite funny.

“Like this?” I asked, imitating back.

“YES!” she said laughing.

“But that’s more like a bleep, not a beep!” I said.

“Well, it really IS more of a bleep!” she said.

To which I ROARED!!


So now, not only is it a naked mole rat it’s a BLEEPING naked mole rat??!! AAAAHHHH!!! I literally doubled over in laugher!! Sooooooooooo, that’s my new exclamatory phrase!! So, if you ever see me out driving and a complete IDIOT gets in front of me, you will know what I am yelling!!! you…BLEEPING Naked Mole RAT!!!


Just thought I’d share!! (I gotta get a copy of that rap song!!!)

3 thoughts on “A WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  1. That is the ugliest THING I've ever seen!! Eew!!! But, it’s like it’s so ugly it’s…kinda cute…..eew!!!! (hee, hee!!) He still needs some clothes…fur…uh whatever on!! 🙂 I’m sure there’s some ecological significance, but yeek!! 🙂 Thanks "bg" for the insightful photog!

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