Curtis may be hot, but Jesus is cool!!

 Wow! What an awesome weekend!! We had Turning Point weekend at our church and I got the privilege to work with the 7th grade girls and they were AWESOME!! Of course, we got kicked out of Wal-Mart for doing parts of our video scavenger hunt, witnessed to some cool bikers at the movies…after we leapfrogged right in front of the building…ROCK!! We were crazy!!  And sorry Matt about “resting” while the girls galloped through the woods to see the boys. I saw the hair….flour and water…HA!!….I told them, “That’s what ya get for ‘forkin’ someone’s yard!!”  (Tug, you’ll have to add that to your list of what NOT to do next year…forkin’!!) Hee, hee!! I had to ask Cary what “spoonin’” was….OYE!! On a more spiritual side…kudos to Matt Rey-Rey and his friend for the really amazing study! You guys SO need to publish that!! It was on discipline and God grace and love in His discipline! He’s kind but not soft!! I personally learned a ton!! I’ll never be the same again!!! Also kudos to Curis and the gang…Chris too (a.k.a. Magnum P.I.…hee, hee!!!) P&W was ROCK-AWESOME!! And the stranger…Heath Guilbert!! Man, you so rocked too!! Of course, you’re entire family is SOOO musically gifted, it’s amazing!! Can I say I’m an Ashley fan…uh YEAH!!! It’s been ages since I’ve seen you!! You’re such a sweet heart! But WHAT is up with the facial hair….okay…it looks great!!  Curtis and the gang, along with Tug…uh….Dan….also lead worship Sunday night at “big church.” Thank you for ushering in the sweet presence of the Lord guys!! Wow!!

Oh and BTW, Curtis, what is up with the, “Curtis says “hi” thing? ….uh…..”Hi, back!” Oh and NO! You can’t borrow my book if you’re only going to look at it! HELLO!  Hey, another BTW: Were you making fun of me in the choir room? How rude!!!    

One more thing!! Car-man! The t-shirts were AWESOME!! You’re such a sweetie!! I so enjoyed our “guy talk” at TCBY!  

OH!! And I have to say THANK YOU to the Barry's for letting us stay at their house!! It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!  You guys are AWESOME!!!  

2 thoughts on “Curtis may be hot, but Jesus is cool!!

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