I can’t hold it in any longer….I have a crush!!

Okay, it’s finally time to admit that I ….have a crush!! Since I teach a lot of young people I sometimes keep movies on that are musically encouraging…i.e. Mary Poppins, Sound of Music…and lately Phantom of the Opera. Slews of the kids LOVE the last one. Therefore I keep it going quite often. I’ve actually blogged about the movie before, but this time….different. It didn’t do so well at the box office, but I understand that DVD sales and rentals are pretty good. Weeeeellll, I was watching it today and I thought to myself, man that guy who plays the Phantom is really hot! (At least half of his face is…) I knew that I had seen him in other movies, but I guess I really didn’t pay that much attention! The only one I remember was “Timeline.” (Great book; movie…could have been MUCH better….) I remember that the only reason why I continued watching the movie was because there was this really hot guy with an amazing Scottish dialect! Then, my friend reminded me that she had another movie that he was in…so I borrowed it and watched it…(what is wrong with me!)…and I was like….he’s SO hot!! Of course I didn’t like the part where he….well….watch “Reign of Fire.” THEN, I remember a movie…Dracula 2000…(I’m a Dracula freak)…and he played the lead part. And he was SOOOO H-O-T!! SO…I checked out the trusty ole IMDB…oye!…he’s hot…especially in white!!! I found out where he’s from…Scotland and thought…Hollowman-KENNY!! You can help out with this guy!! You live in Scotland! Hook-Me-Up!! Like he’d even notice a little girl in Texas with a little…well at the moment BIG…crush….but hey, it’s worth a try!! J So Kenny if there is ANY way you could hook me up with Gerard Butler please help me out!! I would probably first of all faint!! Or die a very happy girl!! J HA!!! All this said…typed….I’m SO crushing on Gerard Butler! (Help!!! I so need to get out more!!!) J

2 thoughts on “I can’t hold it in any longer….I have a crush!!

  1. Thanks for the wee mention Karmyn. Hey, folk say I look a bit like that guy too ! Well, maybe with one eye shut and the other after someone has poked you in it with a burnt stick and in a very darkened room…maybe ? Okay, okay, I look nothing like him, but, still, a boy can dream…

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