Eban Pleeeeeze Forgive Me!!!!


I am SUCH a dork!! It’s been one of those loooooong days that you have in your life when your brain is just…tired! Or here in the Ark-La-Tex we say “tarred.” So I had an interview with David Jackson of The Musicians Cooler! (AWESOME site by the way!! If you want to know about music and podcasting…check him out!!!) So while I was…hopefully…giving some useful information, David asked me about the podcats I listened to and enjoyed! I think I mentioned everyone but EBAN!! What a dork am I!!!! The interview doesn’t go up until Monday, but I only hope that Eban will forgive me!!!! I emailed the MP3 to David in desperation!! OYE! I’ll just let the MP3 say it for me!!!

(AH! I’m so disappointed with myself!!) (grovel, grovel, grove!!!!!!)


Eban I luv you the most-est, man!!!  

2 thoughts on “Eban Pleeeeeze Forgive Me!!!!

  1. Karmyn, silly girl, you know that I can't get mad at you, lol.Congrats on landing the interview, you are really setting yourself up to be a breakout star here, much like Brother Love did. I could not be happier for you.Nice try, but you still get no bitchslap, lol. You do seem to want one though. Unfortunately, or fortunately, you are way too smart to get one. Sorry to have to let you down like that.Cheers!Eban

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