My mother: the child!!

Yes, Ken, it’s been a while!! (since I’ve blogged!) …..a lot has happened….many things I can’t even discuss, but…..there is always a purpose, there’s always a plan and it’s all going to be okay. (can ya tell I’ve been praying…A LOT!!??) J Always a good thing in my opinion.


Question of the day: When was the point that your parent (my mom in this case) becomes the child and you become the parent??


For goodness sake, my mother…who is uber talented (I really don’t like that word “uber”…ah well it fits.) is working with me musically…she’s just the best!! Seriously!! So, I have this P&W song that I sang at church and we are doing a DEMO. So, I have the chords there, the bass line….minimal, but there….and I just need her amazing piano playing…she did this really cool thing at church and I LOVED it and wanted her to do that riff. Has she done it??? NO!!! “I haven’t had time, I’m not sure what to do with the MIDI….” Whine, whine, whine!! Come on mom! I’ve set it all up for you and all you have to do is press record and play. If ya mess up, you can do it again!! My technical mother who’s a wiz at computers… have NO idea!! I think, she’s rebelling!! All of those years of me rebelling and not wanting to do what she wanted….i.e. become a concert pianist…is coming around to bite me on the butt!! (oops! I typed out “butt”…note to all children…let’s say…”bottom.”) Okay!! Anyway, I was helping Marejohn out on Sunday and had to sit with mom at the piano. I was watching the music just flow out of mom’s fingers….all without sheet music mind you…and was just amazed!! I told mom later, “You have NO idea how talented you are, do you?” To which she brushed it off and said, “It’s just years of playing with Marejohn and such.” MOM, H-E-L-L-O!!! God has given you a MAGNIFICENT gift, admit it!!! J


Ya know I come from a musical family! On both sides!! But, my mom’s side is more “forward” about it! I had a music minister on my dad’s side…awesome baritone and I think EVERY family member on my mom’s side is musical!! My cousin Tony…percussionist with the Austin symphony, Debbie who has THE MOST GORGEOUS VOICE!! (You think I sound angelic…..Debbie’s voice is just breath-taking!!) I told her to put her group’s album on CD Baby at Christmastime. Debbie, I need to call ya and follow up on that!! In fact the 2 people I most wanted to sing like was Debbie and Marejohn!!


Anywho, Mom, stop rebelling and play your God-given gift!! The world NEEDS to hear!!!! J

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