Colin Firth is just TOO irresistible…I wanna go back to Disney World!!

Okay, I just watched the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice! (I actually purchased it…) OH-MY-GAW! It’s absolutely fantastic!!!!!! Colin Firth is AWESOME! Of course I have the Sir Lawrence copy as well and I think Mr. Firth is as good!! And I’m a huge Olivier fan!!! (He’s still my favorite Hamlet!) This is, of course, the finest story!! And one of the few “romantic” books I admit to reading more than twice!! Eek!! I hate it, but it brings out every gushy, giggly, “girly” feeling I have. It’s truly embarrassing which is the reason I only watch it by myself or with other females so the estrogen just oozes everywhere! And I LOVE Jennifer Ehle she’s the perfect Lizzy! I remember seeing her in Sunshine (the Ralph Fiennes “package” movie) J in LA. She’s amazing! AND she’s from the states!!!!!! A nice Southern Belle!! I understand, via the IMDB that she and Mr. Firth dated after or during the making of the movie…I can see why! He’s honestly irresistible as Mr. Darcy! Heck, I wanted to marry him by the end of the movie!! HELLO!!!


Random Moment of the Day: Ya know I REALLY love the Disney commercial ‘Shhh, are you sleeping?” that’s playing on TV right now…it just makes me smile! It’s the one where the little brother goes into his sister’s room anticipating their trip to Disney and their mom comes in and says, “Okay, guys back to sleep.” And the little boy is SOOOOOO cute. I LOVE the way he says, “We’re too excited to sleep!” It almost makes me want kids….. J Okay fine I’ll probably have 1 one day, just not ANY TIME soon! ARG!!

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