A Quickie – Jigsaw Karmyn

 Okay, Tim messaged me the other day (from Radio Gets Wild) and told me about a jigsaw puzzle of indie female artists. I thought…cool! So I downloaded it and it’s really neat. Tim, you did good!  (The misuse of grammar was on purpose, Dr. English!)   There are other puzzles to, not just us, but if ya want a link? Here is it:



PS – It took my mom a couple of hours to finish it…including the time it took her to figure out to program. (hint, you can choose to have a light “ghost” copy of it in the background for the pieces to match) I thought that was pretty fast! Mom’s getting more “techie” than I am…which is V-E-R-Y scary!  


Adam!!! France first? THEN London??!!!  Okay!!  

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