Still too sleepy! Christmas, Podsafe for Peace, Radio Gets WIld Interview, C-Dawg…and colonics?

Man have I ever been sick!! Today is the first day I felt almost 100%! PTL! The Christmas play is this weekend and being sick…is NOT an option!  (Thank you cuz for the getting better “hook-up” I’m cured!) 😉 BTW – The play is going to be SO cool!! Click here and go to calendar to find out more info.


OKAY!! Podsafe for Peace is out!! Yeah!! Okay, how AWESOME was it to be apart of that!?!? Oh my gosh, you have NO idea!! Okay, if you are a Pod-musician, you have some clue. Anywho! It’s being played on loads of Podcasts!! C.C. Chapman – Accident Hash; Adam Curry – Daily Source Code…you name it they are playing it!! And the song is REALLY great!!  Slau is an awesome writer and musician! Kudos to you for doing the really hard work…getting it together!! 96 different artists contributed to it!! Can you imagine the mixing!!! ARG!!! Website hopefully coming soon!


Okay, so the Radio Gets Wild interview happened…I was sick as a dog, but going back listening to it, I didn’t sound that hoarse. Although I felt like I sounded like a 90 year old Camel smokin’ grandma from the Bronx! Oye!! It was SO weird using Yahoo! We did the…click and talk thing. I SO talk with my hands….arg! I was have MAJOR withdraws!  But Dee said it went fine. My mother said….well she said I was stiff at first and then began to loosen up. When I explained the hand thing…she completely understood! Then the interview with C-dogg…I always want to type out “C-Dawg”….didn’t work for some reason. Ah well, I think he was using ODEO. I’m not completely sure, but hopefully we can do it again sometime. I need to check that ODEO thing out. 


Anywho…it’s late and after listening to Dan’s…uh Tug’s….(hee, hee) booger songs, (HA!!) I need to unwind, blow my nose and go to bed!!  Dan you BETTER bring me that CD of yours tomorrow!!! Oh and Todd, M.D.…sorry to bring up the colonics thing! Dad said you’d be the man to know that department! As I heard you say once before…I’m just the plumber! Speaking of…Larich Plumbing! You guys ROCK!!! And to the dude whose dad went to school with my mom…you SO rock!! Thank you for fixing my bathtub!! I can FINALLY take those long bubble baths again! Yippee!


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