I’m WAY to sleepy to typing ANYTHING!!!

This is random….if you know me, you find out that “random” usually always means the “that’s really stupid, Karmyn; you need to get some sleep and/or seek professional help” category….well….RANDOM:


Okay, so I bought a paper cutter the other day…it works fine…it’s not industrial grade or anything…you know to trim up photos, paper, blah, blah, blah. Well, I was getting ready to put the packaging away…not throw it away in case something happens and I need to take it back. But while I grabbed the packaging, I saw something…interesting. On the box it had…quite ‘pridefully’ indicated…that this product has a “limited lifetime warranty.” Hmmm…what kind of oxymoron is THAT!? So, I read it and it’s for random things that go wrong with it from the manufacturing side; not for the “out of the ordinary” things that happen. I guess they just had one too many guys who took a blow torch to it in hopes that the warranty would kick in. (Can ya imagine?) Or for those folks who were trying to cut things other than those listed…paper, photos, cardstock, plastic…..oh wait….it specifically says…”AND MORE.”  … paper, photos, cardstock, plastic, AND MORE!!! So I wonder what “and more” could be? Would they be objects with the same chemical make up as the former or could they include…MORE…like cheese? Could I cut cheese on it…the blade get gummy therefore messing it up…could I then get to make use of that limited lifetime warranty? It says “paper cutter” so you would assume paper, but plastic is also mentioned….so what thickness or toughness (there’s gotta be a better word for ‘toughness’) but at what level would one know to or not to use plastic in this paper cutter? Hmmmm….thank goodness for lawyers who sort all of those things out of everyone. They can even make the biggest idiot look and feel like they are justified in what EVER they have CHOSEN to do. Hmmm…I’m going to sleep! 

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