The Passion of…Karmyn??? Eek!!! The interview on The Big Show w/Aaron!!

WHOA! I had my first Pod-interview yesterday!! It was on the BIG SHOW with Aaron Bates!! I think he told me it will air on Podcast #51. If the number changes, I’ll fix the banner. Any way, I’m SO hoping I didn’t sound like a complete idiot!!  ARG!! He did his homework and we covered a lot of ground. Seriously, we talked about music, or course, acting, pageants, speaking Spanish, and The Passion of Christ…you name it! Oye! We did the interview, via Skype, and I have to admit, I’ve had a better time with Yahoo Messenger than Skype. In fact, Tim, from RadioGetsWild, told me as much, and man, you were right! By the way, here’s a little plug for RGW: I have an interview with them this Wednesday. I think it’s my interview week, because I have an interview scheduled with C-Dogg on Tuesday. It’s kind of fallen that way. The first interview with RGW was delayed because of technical issues, so the reschedule happened to fall this week.


Ya know I remember my first official on-camera interview on the Shreveport station KSLA-12 when I was 11. I got the lead vocals in a PSA music video called “For Kids’ Sake.” Of course my mom recorded it and I was mortified!! I didn’t really say anything stupid; it was just that my East Texas accent was horribly T-H-I-C-K!!!  Man is that ever blackmail material!! Anywho, I decided right then and there that public perception was powerful and started listening to “The Sound of Music” and “My Fair Lady” over, and over and over thinking that it would help round out my strong dialect!! (Hey, I was just a kid!!)  Even then I was fascinated with the voice and why it worked and why some people liked the sound of certain voices and others were annoying.


Ah, well, RANDOM: This is SO old news, but Nalbandian beat Federer at the Masters!!! WHOA!!!  Ya know of all the 50 some odd sports channels I get with Dish, ya’d think I’d be able to watch the match….but NO!!!  This is one, though, I will watch even though I know the outcome. I just want to see the how, why, and wow of the whole thing!! I was listening to the Podcast For What it’s Worth with Steven and Dawn and Steve mentioned that iTunes lets you download shows that you’ve missed on TV! I wonder if I could get the Master’s final!!! Hmmm…I will definitely try!!!!


Way too long & way too late for me at the moment….going to sleep now!!

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