Christmas eCard, The Queen of Eban’s Royal Court, The Big Show interview, RadioIOjazz & RedJazz Radio

Merry Christmas!


I hope everyone is having a terrific holiday! I’ve been battling a cold off and on, one with a mean desire to keep my ears stuffed up!! My head feels like a balloon and it sounds like I’m listening to cotton move around in my ears all day long! Without having cotton in them! Actually it sounds like I’m in a silent classroom when all you hear is the soft buzz of the overhead lights…only through cotton! ARG! At the bottom is a quirky card I made to send out and for the parentals to send out. The funny thing about making it was finding the “best” picture of Annie!! J Mom, a.k.a. “Nana” to the dog, wanted a cute picture of the baby! SO after futzing trying to take several pictures, Nana finally caught the baby being cute AND looking at the camera! (Oye! my dog’s a genius!)


Two things:


1. Eban (Reaching For Lucidity) emailed me the coolest news! I’m like the queen of his Royal music Court! How cool is that! THANK YOU!!! Click here for a list of everyone.

My personal favs? Brother Love! and Adrina Thorpe! Awesome artists!! I’m very honored! I joke with him about the B-slap saying that I hope I never have to have one! Maybe I’ll have immunity for awhile! (hee, hee!) I’m sure my mother…and sister for that matter have both thought I deserved one or two or three….! J (Listen to the podcast if you don’t understand! Not suitable for younger audiences…unless supervised…even then…probably not suitable.)


2. On the interview with Aaron (The Big Show), I mentioned that podcasts have been more receptive to indie artist than any radio stations. Which is true, but I meant traditional radio stations. Internet radio stations (i.e. RedJazz and RadioIOJazz) have been and just ARE AWESOME!! And some traditional stations do play indie artists. It’s just harder to get traditional radio airplay because the playlists are pretty much dictated to the DJs and not by the DJs. Of course request hours are great! Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that.




PS – Enjoy the LIGHT!!!


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