I’m so sorry!!

I have not been able to Twitter, Pownce OR Utter lately! I've been so focused on mixing Forbidden One! So sorry everyone! I'm getting back to all my emails as soon as I can!!

I mixed it down as well as I could, but I did this one on my Garageband too! I'm learning A LOT! 🙂 Anywho, this one is more my style!

I do have to say CONGRATS to Klancy Johnson!! My voice student who just won Miss Diamond Lakes Outstanding Teen tonight!!!!!! Yeah!! She sang the song Listen from Dreamgirls and from what I heard it was AWESOME! 🙂 YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

Oh and if ya didn't catch the latest Karmyn Kast (30). I'm having a discount for my webcam and phone voice lessons over the next 3 months! Through April! Instead of $50 per hour they will be $40! I guess it's a YEAH the strike is about to be over special! 🙂 I'm getting the new links on my site asap! studio.karmyntyler.com

Karmyn Kast…

…is going to be late this week! I've just not had the time!

I've been behind on blogs, but I did an email out on my email list about being #1 on the PMC! I've never had a #1 tune before! I'm just grateful it's in the top ten!! Wow!!

Very late for me so I'm sleepy, but I did want to give a stike update….sorta: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080203/ap_en_tv/hollywood_labor

Stay positive everyone! 🙂
“…blue skies, smiling on me!…” and you!

PMN Top 10 & Karm Kast 28

Hey!! Exciting news! Luv Me So debuted on  C-Dogg's PMN Top 10 as #3!! Yeah!! THANK YOU everyone!! I am SO EXCITED!! Wow!! It was fun to make and the good news is, I have more songs coming down the pipeline in a few weeks! (Waiting for a VST Instrument!)

ALSO, Karm Kast 28 is up! I do have a new feature on www.karmynkast.net, a Pop-Up player!! (I LOVE Blip!!)  🙂 Let me know what ya think!! And have an AWESOME weekend!

BTW – ROGER LOST AT THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN!! ARG!!! OMG!! Didn't get to watch the match, but SOOO gonna when it's delayed later!!

((hugs & kisses))

I’m falling in love!!!

As I browse the inner workings of the video service known as blip.tv, I fall more and more in love with it! I've downloaded their UpperBlip program so I can upload more than 1 video at a time while including the title, summery, and tags on each….with the option to “apply to all” to certain features so I don't have to retype! Where have you been all my digital life? I place my hands on the smooth surface of my Mac and caress the keyboard gazing deep into the screen of my future episodes being uploaded, all this with out the commitment of payment. As I ponder how wonderful it would be to make that lasting (14 month) commitment a feel joy within me begin to stir! How can this be! All this for less than 100 a year…..14 months at that!! Do I, can I, make the commitment plunge?????
YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! I CAN!!!!!!!

……………..I really need to get out more!!!

Karmyn Kast 26!

Well, KarmKast 26 is up on www.karmyntyler.net and blip.tv, but NOT on Podshow!! I tried all night, all morning and afternoon to no avail! I emailed them and let them know I was having a problem!!  If ya wanna see the video, you'll have to the sites mentioned above!! Sry!!! And it you want in on your iPod, you'll have to do it via blip.tv as well!!

Wow! I wonder if I will ever get a podcast out without a hitch!!

I'm REALLY excited that I got to play Duran, Duran!! They really ROCK!!