PMN Top 10 & Karm Kast 28

Hey!! Exciting news! Luv Me So debuted on  C-Dogg's PMN Top 10 as #3!! Yeah!! THANK YOU everyone!! I am SO EXCITED!! Wow!! It was fun to make and the good news is, I have more songs coming down the pipeline in a few weeks! (Waiting for a VST Instrument!)

ALSO, Karm Kast 28 is up! I do have a new feature on, a Pop-Up player!! (I LOVE Blip!!)  🙂 Let me know what ya think!! And have an AWESOME weekend!

BTW – ROGER LOST AT THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN!! ARG!!! OMG!! Didn't get to watch the match, but SOOO gonna when it's delayed later!!

((hugs & kisses))

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