a CRAZY month!

Well June is going to be a crazy month for
me! Loads of traveling and not much time to check emails! So I wanted
to let everyone know that if I do not answer your email quickly please
understand that I may not be able to!

Seriously this month I'm
doing something almost everyday!! I will have access to email, but I
may not have the time until July to answer back!! I'm so sorry about
this! I do get plain text emails via my cell phone and I'm able to
respond that way!

I do have some things going with some
folks…and you know who you are…and I have those emails tagged and
will try to get back asap!

Looking forward to July's podcast with LOADS to talk about!! YEAH!

Thank you so much!

PS – Wondering WHAT I'm doing? 🙂 Check out the latest podcast!
www.karmynkast.net to view the video or call 831-480-3923 to listen!

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