The rumors are TRUE! I’ve been cast in an upcoming film…

…acting AND singing?

My manager called me last week with the news that I have been cast in the upcoming film Candles staring ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ alum John Schneider. I will be playing the role of his daughter. The role was cast previously, but, there was a scheduling conflict with the other actress. The shooting and release date is currently set for 2015.

Here is the plot outline from the Candles Official Facebook Page:

A young news reporter sets out to find the truths of who raped and slaughtered three innocent girls in a small town setting of Camp Scott. She follows the lengthy manhunt for Gene Leroy Hart in the Cookson Hills in Northeast Oklahoma, then through the circus like trial that took place in a rural courthouse. Thirty years later she is still searching for truths that have questions that have never been answered. Was Gene Hart guilty and was he the only one involved and was there another suspect that was protected by the law? After a visit to death row in McAlester, Oklahoma, will she finally discover the truth she has devoted her life to find?

As I understand, the film will be shot in the New Orleans area. Everything is still in the pre-production stage, but things are moving forward quickly. 

There is a strong possibility that I will be able to use my singing talent in the film as well. Absolutely THRILLED about that possibility!!

I will put out more info as I find out. I post regularly on Twitter and my Facebook page. Please “Like” the Candles FB Page to keep up with them as well.

 Candles Official Website

MAGGIE – Part 2

Maggie’s death has changed me…is changing me.

My true friends know that, by nature, I’m a very quiet person…a thinker…a people watcher. I’m so much like my father, and I’m proud of that.

I have pageants to thank for allowing my inside voice – out. At first my mom told me I was a little too blunt. (a lot actually…) But my dad got it! Later, I learned the art of telling what needs to be said and letting others figure things out for themselves. Probably why I like teaching. I see potential when someone else does not…

Right now, I’m finding comfort in my…true nature.

I was forced to watch myself fall apart and that wasn’t…isn’t fun. Those brief moments of sadness…I don’t want to go away. I want to keep her real…because she was…and is real.

I was also forced to see the man I love so desperately want to heal me…and it hurt that I hurt in a way he…no one could help. It’s paralyzing. I still hurt.

When I was in Texarkana, my sister and I tried to get out and do something that Maggie would have loved – like go to Old Navy. When a sales clerk came to over tell us about sales, I wanted scream at her: “My niece is dead, did you know that? How is YOUR day going? Because mine SUCKS!”

I was comforted by the fact that my sister felt the same way.

I still feel that way when I listen to someone telling me about something petty. But I smile, knowing that at some time in my life, I was that person…saying something petty.

Sometimes I feel like she goes with me through out the day. Her smile…especially her smile. How she doesn’t want me to be sad…and I want to make her happy.

It’s the evening of December 6th. I put a different photo up on my Facebook profile and cover page. Something other than Maggie or me and Maggie.

I cried…am crying…

I didn’t realize how hard that would be…


The feature film “Wuss” is WOW!

Back in my Dallas years, a friend of mine thought I’d be great for small role in a short film, called More Air for the Rest of Us directed by Kyle Killen and starring the amazing Johnny Sneed. I had a few lines as a florist where Johnny’s character comes in to buy flowers. The film had a very talented DP by the name of Clay Liford.

Fast forward a few months and I was contacted by Clay for a role in his first feature film, Flowers Grown from Powdered Bones. I played the 1 of 3 cannibalistic sisters. (You gotta see this movie!!) There is simply NOTHING like working on an indie film! The amount of freedom and creativity that gets to flow just makes magic. A magic you just don’t get from Hollywood blockbusters.

Fast forward even again, and I have moved from Texas to LA, married and now live NYC. Through the miracles of Social Media (and the occasional phone calls), I’ve been able to keep up with Clay and his talent.

When Clay announced the Brooklyn premier of his film Wuss on Facebook, I jumped at the chance to see him and catch up. I also wanted my husband to meet the talent I kept talking about knowing that his style of filmmaking was right up his alley. And I was right!

Walking up to the reRun Gastropub, I was excited to not only see my friend’s film, but to catch up with him and his life outside of entertainment! Clay arrived fresh from an interview in Manhattan and we sat and talked about old times, and what’s been going on in our lives.

The reRun theatre was the perfect venue, retro and intimate. Clay introduced a preview short from his friend Leah Shore called Old Man. (Another crazy talented animator/filmmaker!)


Our hero, Mitch Parker (played by Nate Rubin) is a substitute high school teacher turned full time after the unfortunate (and mysterious almost fatal) accident of the current English teacher. Mitch’s character at first is pretty pitiful. He’s a college graduate with aspirations to write novels…who still lives at home with him mom. The first scene sets up his timid, defensive tone perfectly at his 10 year high school reunion (where he now teaches.)

Small town suburbia is nothing like it was when he attended school. Teachers wear tasers and kids sell guns. Mitch has a classroom run-in with a gang leader and subsequently gets beat up by him and his friends. The rest of the film is fascinating. We watch Mitch deal with the humiliation while learning how these kids have learned to survive in circumstances he would have never dreamed.

The film is shot digitally but you would have NEVER known it! In fact, one audience member in the Q&A was certain it was shot on 35 millimeter ! In other words, the cinematography and shot set-ups were gorgeous!

I highly recommend this film!! I have a lot of talented friends in the industry, but Clay is one of the geniuses!

Watch Wuss on Amazon!!

Clay Liford

Clay Liford at AFI Fest

Keep up with Clay on Twitter and his production company Well Tailored Films.

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