How to buy prescription glasses online!

So, you want to save money, or you just don’t have time to go pick out frames or perhaps, you just want to have more frames at your disposal.

What ever the reason, you just want to try to buy some prescription glasses online.

Well, it’s easy!

My eye doctor was more than skeptical. In fact, he said sternly, “Do NOT order frames online. They don’t know what they’re doing.”

Which, of course made me want to try even more.

So I went to I’ve been wanting to try the hipster frames, so I though…hmm…why not. I found my oversized hipster frames, but before I ordered, I did as my eye care professional said and went to a eye glass store: in COSTCO. As I was ordering in the store, I noticed that the assistant measured my PD. I had no idea what that stood for, so I asked.


Digital PD meter

Pupil distance.

Oh, I thought! I noticed that was on the order form on So, when I got home, I ordered my glasses – PD and all. In about 7 days, before my COSTCO lenses came in, I received my order.

Perfect? Not quite.

I felt like the prescription was all wrong. I double checked and even called and everything checked out.

When my COSTCO glasses came in, I had to wear my 39dollarglasses to the store and between you and me, thank the Lord I used the Metro. There was NO way I could have driven.

When I put on my new Guess glasses from COSTCO they were perfect! I could see and I didn’t feel like I was looking through the bottom of a wavy glass.

What happened?

The glasses at COSTCO were very similar to my old pair that had worn out. Very small frames. I remembered that my eye doctor in my hometown told me to always get frames that are smaller because you will see better.

Hmmmm….so I called and explained my situation. The customer service rep was fantastic! She said that was a common problem. Luckily I was within the trial period and I picked another pair – different color though- of small frames.

When they arrived…..PERFECTION! I love them MUCH more than my high (but lower because of COSTCO) priced glasses!

So, when you purchase prescription eye glasses online:

1. Make sure you get the Pupil Distance. (Find out which eye is which…because you will need to know!)
2. Match the frame size that you are most used to wearing. You’ll end up with a less wonky-world view.

So go ahead and defy your eye doctor and DO IT! Buy prescription glasses online!

*One side note, use (or borrow) a hair dryer to heat up the area where the frames go around your ear and carefully bend it to fit your head better. They actually tell you in the info that comes with the glasses, but I didn’t read it. The nice lady at COSTCO did it for me for free!

Low Cost NYC Theatre Tickets?

March 1, 2016 – UPDATE!


If you’ve been to New York before to see a Broadway show, you know about TKTS‘s discount booth in Times Square, but did you know there were other ways to get discounts on Broadway shows?

Being an Actors’ Equity member, grants you access to even more discounts with TKTS with their program TDF. TDF gets off-off Broadway tickets for as low as $9 and Broadway shows for $45. There is a yearly fee of $30, but that’s a small price to pay for a big discount. (In fact, as of 6/5/2013 the annual fee went down to $25…just as I re-upped my membership on May 31st at the old price…poop.)



School of Rock Broadway

NOW, did you know that teachers, full-time students, members of the armed forces, retirees and clergy can ALSO join TDF? Yep! Just check out their site! The “catch” is that you have to mail or fax in your information to be approved. So, a few months before your big NYC trip, just send in the info and you’ll get a letter from them with you membership.

Some great sites to look at are Theatre Mania, Ticket Liquidator, Broadway Box, and New York Show Tickets. For students, HipTix for the Round About Theatre Company and Student Rush. I don’t personally have experience with these sites, but I’ve heard excellent things! NYtix has some great coupon codes and links to what the term “rush ticket” actually means! NYTix is pretty cool! They give FREE tickets away all the time and you sign up to get emails! You won’t have control over what tickets are to be given out, but hey, free is FREE…right? 🙂

The hottest Ticket App is TodayTix! I saw this app online a while ago, but not until a friend of mine told me about his amazing deals (and how it works) did I actually download it! Ever since then, it has been my go-to ticket finder! It’s only been around since 2013, but last year they went BIG TIME with FREE preview tickets to Hamilton!



How does it work? You only get a two week availability window. So, two weeks before you want to see a show, you log in, pick the show, date and time, purchase and your get an email confirmation. Then, on the day of, TodayTix tells you a designated spot for pick up in front of the theatre (45 minutes before the show) and a nice representative in a red shirt will have your tickets in an envelope. It’s THAT simple!
**Oh and get a $10 discount with your first purchase with my code: PCGLY (you’re welcome!) 😉

Now, when you are in town, you can always go straight to the theatre and ask about their offers. In my experience, Playbill has to most update information!

Ok! For those of you who want the most bang for your buck  to get REALLY inexpensive tickets are rush tickets, (SRO) standing-room-only, and Lottery Rush tickets. How to Lottery tickets work? Well, you get up early in the morning – day of a show, go to the theartre of the show you want to see and enter to win! The tickets are usually between a $10-$40! You aren’t guaranteed a win, of course, but you could see some cool street acts from Broadway performers! Broadways current HOT HIT, Hamilton, however, had to switch to an online lottery because so many people were showing up that it was causing a public disturbance! G_d bless theatre fans! has the most up-to-date lottery list I could find but each theatre has its own rules so check out Playbill or Broadway Direct for the best updates. also does a lotto for some shows!

Lotto Quick Links
The Lion King
Les Mis
School of Rock

Speaking of Playbill, it too has a FREE membership of it’s own where you can get discount tickets. (You may want to check that out!)

One last bit of info, the less demanding times for seeing shows are: January, February, September and October. So if you can plan your trip around these months, you’ll have the BEST prices EVER!!! During these times NYC.go has a 2 for 1 Broadway Week to encourage ticket sales! Uh…yeah, it’s AWESOME! In the slow season Off-Broadway offers 20 at 20. These shows offer 20 shows for $20 20 minutes before the show. SO…20 for $20 at 20…(Eeeek!!) 🙂

FOR KIDS! The Broadway League does a really cool Kid’s Night. Here’s how this works (directly from their site): “Adults purchasing a full-priced ticket will receive one free ticket for a child age 18 and under to the same show.” Now, they are only on certain nights and usually an off night like a Tuesday or a Thursday, but what a wonderful way to introduce your child to Broadway!

Well, I hope you’ve found all this info useful and that it GREATLY improves your NYC Broadway experience! If you have any insiders tips of getting great NYC theatre seats at a discount price, I’d LOVE to know! So, please share in the comments!


Karmyn Tyler Cobb is a member of Actors’ Equity as well as many other talent memberships. Please visit her website, for more information. First posted Jun 8, 2013 1:34 PM – Updated March 1, 2016 8:57 AM EST
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