NEXFLIX iPod iPhone App is HERE!!!

OMG!! I’ve been waiting for this for AGES!!! (Okay, since last Christmas!) But now….I’m SOOO happy!!

YES you have to have a subscription! And since I got rid of cable…..NETFLIX has been AWESOME!! A SMALL monthly fee and LOADS of movie/TV shows to watch!! It’s SO awesome!!

I think Hulu is $9.99 which is $1.50 more than Netflix’s lowest package. Hulu is still free online so far. I’m sure it won’t be soon….like the beginning of next year! I could be wrong.

You can start watching a stream on your computer then pick up where you left off on your iPod touch and vice versa

Anywho! Go to your iPhone or iPod Touch App and search for Netflix! (yeah!!!!)

And here’s link of the retweet I did from @davepeck

THANK YOU DAVE for your tweet!!

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