2013 Vlog #3

And yes, I’ve fallen down on the job of Vlogging, but I’m being too hard on myself! Right? This was the trap I got into with my Podcast! (eek!)

So no, I didn’t vlog when I was in Texarkana. 😦 BUT, When I got back, and found myself in the middle of beautiful Central Park with my husband, I asked if he could help! 🙂

It was loud so I ended up having to “subtitle” it! And Sony Vegas was GREAT in editing mode, but poopy in the rendering phase! Ah well! C’est la vie! (anyone remember that song?) Just in case, I FOUND THE VIDEO!!

Spotifiers click here!

Enjoy the video!

Gadget Watch: Samsung shows bendable phone screen – Bing News

Okay THIS is crazy, but COOL! NOW, I can see a watch-type phone with a pullout screen to call a number.

Gadget Watch: Samsung shows bendable phone screen

By Peter Svensson

Associated Press – ‎Thursday‎, ‎January‎ ‎10‎, ‎2013

LAS VEGAS — By showing off a phone with a flexible screen, Samsung is hinting at a day when we migh…

If you have Windows 8, open this in News.

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