New Kids on the WHOA!

A new and quite intriguing friend of mine jokingly gave me an
article on the newly re-united (did they ever break-up?) boy band I so loved in
my tweens, NKOTB or New Kids on the Block. I didn’t expect a rave review…no…rather
their “re-uniting” smelled of desperation (notice I didn’t say “reeked with”).
But really now, the boys…now men…do deserve some kudos for getting back on the
stage…together! For you see from my now learn-ed view of that music era that
their overproduced pop no-talent sound had some meaning in my tweeny life! Most of
us have those shallow moments of youth. (Okay, we all do and there are a lot of
‘em!) You know, those moments of hormonally driven feelings that further
encourage sexually curious brainwaves. And who better for our parents to swoon
over? Some guys we’ll never be able to have! (Talk amongst yourselves!) But
after all this time to come back on stage and reunite? Hmmm…not sure whose idea
it was, but if I were in the room, I’d have a different type of reuniting in
mind! Like why not go for a more Michael Buble feel guys? You wanted to create,
as all boy bands do, that “rat pack” feeling! Several members have tried to
continue the hot sexy “Justin Timberlake-like” solo career falling flat! Hmmm…I
always say that “sexiness” can not really be taught! You either got it or you
look like your faking it…BADLY! There are no in-betweens! Heck, sincerity masks
better as sexy than an adaptation of it!

Needless to say, the article was NOT kind and worse than
that, I believed the guy! It made me glad I didn’t go! Not that I would. I
don’t have time right now to be that brainless and reminiscent for more than 10
minutes a day and that’s usually when I wake up! No, I am saddened that they couldn’t
just let the past glories be. It’s fun to remember, but that’s what I want to
keep locked up in my tweeny closet! God forbid I’m running around on stage in
my near 40’s trying to recapture a pop sensation. Someone please shoot me! NO,
don’t do that, just tranquilize me. I’ll feel much better after a stint in

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