If you want to know the actors' side of negotiations SAG is doing a great job at our website! In particular, check out the awesome job that Doug Allen did talking about the Negotiations process update on SAG-TV:

Also, watch Alan Rosenberg as he talks about the suspension! I think he's doing a FANTASTIC job as president!!

This is a great way for us to stay connected with our guild!

There is still a LOT to be done!!

2 thoughts on “SAG-TV

  1. Regarding the SAG/AFTRA Negotiations and their conflicts, I think it appropriate to take a look at an article I recently wrote for The Huffington Post features a couple of one minute videos by German Film and TV actors, Andreas Stenschke and Detlef Behr, who expressed support for the WGA Strike, but speaks to the betterment of U.S. actors and the hopes that foreign actors can achieve the same results in Europe, which Americans have taken for granted over so many years.

  2. Thank you SO much Michael! Your article is GREAT! And you are right, we American actors have taken for granted a lot of benefits that our guild has fought to get for us! I do hope that our European bothers and sisters are able to achieve the same benefits! And I also hope that we (SAG) will do everything we can to help them achieve that goal! I know I want to help!

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