I have to say……well, well, well! Mike Huckabee seems to have won (it's not official, but he won) the Iowa Caucus (Republican). Pay attention! The thing one panelist (for Huckabee) said is that he identified with Huckabee! He basically said, “Huckabee is me! He is what I would want to stand for if I were running for president.”

Now……you can take that 2 different ways! 1) Heck, why would I want someone like me! I want someone who is fit for the job, not me! I'm not fit for the job! OR 2) you can understand that on a really basic, personal level the AVERAGE AMERICAN identifies with this man! They identify him as the person they WANT to exemplify! Someone who has excellent character, immense integrity, and is still a down to earth person who cares about (me) the average person. He's qualified and REAL! Now THAT'S something you  can't buy, you can't create, and you can't control.  All I can say is that it seems that the hand of a greater power is on this man!

All this without spending the money that the other candidates have! Hmmmmmm……….ya laugh at the grassroots, God-fearin', conservatives but it's AMAZING how powerful & many they are!!!!

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