Happy New Year!!

Phew! Into the New Year without a hitch!! Well, almost! I did get the Karmyn Kast out! Yeah!! I had a bit of trouble with the audio (with the Hollow Horse most AWESOME song) that I didn't realize until I uploaded it! I quickly deleted it, re-rendered and uploaded it again! So, there may be some issues with iTunes & Zencast! Jim Farley had some issues with iTunes and had to delete the subscription to the Karmyn Kast and resubscribe! I'm so sorry about that! (BTW – Sorry about the ENORMOUS size! You may just wanna got to www.karmynkast.podshow.com and view it so you don't waste your space!

Enjoy! PLUS! I'm putting up a new feature on the the blog AND www.karmynkast.net site! A free-standing player! So, you can listen & still surf the net! (I think it's the audio only, though!) More on that as soon as I'm able to get that code in!

Anywho, that's it for now! More video blogging (THANK YOU MADPOD!!), fun videos with my nieces, live streaming and podcasts coming up!! 🙂


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