Karmyn’s 1st Official Video Blog!

Okay! My first video blog is up!! Take a look! here are some links to stuff I talk about:

Karmyn Kast
Zack 'the Mothman' Daggy
Ed Ovett – Ed's Mixed Bag
Pod 5

And BTW – Revver doesn't like my Quicktime made from my Mac! So I had to change it to an mp4 because Quicktime can make it hiccup and not sync the sound correctly!! ARG!! Ah, well, now I know & so do YOU! And THANK YOU Zack for telling me about VisualHub! It's saving my butt!!

2 thoughts on “Karmyn’s 1st Official Video Blog!

  1. Thank you!! it seems to be quicker and reading a load of stuff is time consuming! (yuck!) But if you are just listening you can do other things! We'll see how it goes! But thank you for the encouragement! You ROCK!!!! 🙂

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