Karmyn Kast 22 is UP!!! Oops! I mean KarmKast 21!!! (Thank you Neil!)

Okay boys & girls!! KarmKast 21 is…OMG up!!! I tried to make sense of the SAG New Media Agreement and any questions are welcome!! Just ask right here and I will get you all the help I can!!

I've also changed up the blog and podcast pages! Hopefully to make them a little more inviting & user friendly! I'm wanting to get some more podvideo on the sites and would love some feed back on that as well! let me know!!

Got some cool links that I made for easier access too!! Man, I was telling Steve Webb how time consuming it is, but SO MUCH fun and EXTREMELY fulfilling!! He agreed! Here they are:


Leave me a message!
This last one was fun because I'm getting the hang of Image Ready! Not great at it, but just enough to make me dangerous!! ARG!!

SHOUT OUT to mom for doing the show notes!! I love you mom!!

And apologies to Ed Ovett and Zack 'the Mothman' Daggy! I just couldn't fit it in!  The 'kast' was an hour!!! NO one needs to hear me that much!! ARG!!!

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