Strike talks are slow but at least they are happening!

My sister and her family are slowly piecing their lives back together. Thank you again for all of your well wishes, prayers and concerns! Just keep them in those thoughts and prayers!

A bit on the strike! It's slowly moving……well, at least they are in talks! Still!! Here are some links for more information! I got an email from an Acting resource that said that the end was soon….not sure where they are getting that bit of info!

Story from the LA Times

One other thing!!

Networks set for $120m from web ads

By Matthew Garrahan in Los Angeles

Published: November 29 2007 01:58 | Last updated: November 29 2007 01:58

four US television networks in a pay dispute with Hollywood television
writers over online video advertising are in line to generate $120m of
revenues in 2007 from free web streaming of their content, according to
a leading media buyer.

The networks have been reluctant to
acknowledge the size of their streaming businesses, partly because
online video advertising has become a sticking point in pay
negotiations with the writers, who have been on strike for almost a

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