Please Pray for my sister…her house burned down!!

First off thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement!! I could explain everything, but the local newspaper had it on the front page today! It's very sad!  The good news is that no one was killed!!

Here's the link:

People have been asking where to send clothes and such! Anything would be a huge help right now! My sister is a size 10 (medium) and the girls are sizes 4/5 (small). You can send things via my mom!

Diane Minter
c/o Sue Tyler
PO Box 374
Nash, TX 75569

Bless you all!!

9 thoughts on “Please Pray for my sister…her house burned down!!

  1. OMG! That total sucks! 😦 Whilst I may not pray, your sister and her family will be in my thoughts.Can't be much practical help from this side of the pond, but will offer all the positive thoughts I can.- Neil.

  2. Karmyn, was cruising the internet (looking for Texarkana sites to link to for an upcoming blogging project) and ran into your blog. Had to stop by and say"Hi". (I believe your dad and my husband have worked together for the water utilities.) That was your sister's house? One of my good friends lived right next door. Same day that someone ran into my car over at Nash Elementary. Her girls were sad, missing their favorite neighbors to play with. I hope that things are looking up.

  3. Hello Heidi! Cool! I'll ask my dad! I'm so sorry about your car!!! I've had some troubles in that area too lately! 😦 Yes, It was my sister's house. It was on Arnold! It's been a little crazy!! I thank you though for stopping by! I hope your blog project goes well! 🙂

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