The Chronicles of Roddick!

Okay…..have I been pleased with Andy’s game this year at
Wimby?? Uh…YEAH!! Is Nadal still AWESOME!! YEAH!!  They are my too picks for this year….the only
weird thing?? Fed’s walkover from Haas!    Either A) he (Fed-Head) is going
to have a FANTASTIC rest and plow through the rest of Wimbledon to win, or B)….less
likely, but just wanna through it out there…..he’ll be a little stale and off rhythmically…..HA!
Don’t get me wrong…I do SO enjoy Roger play….he’s like a graceful steam roller!
But, I’m a “root for the underdog” type….and not that Andy by ANY stretch of the
imagination is an underdog, I would LOVE it if he would win!!! And, despite
everyone’s confusion on Jimmy? (Who I LOVE and met ages ago!! HE ROCKS!!! And
still looks HOT for an older guy!) I think it was a great idea!! The fact that
he beat Ivan Lendel to win the US Open twice… enough for me right there!! (2
wins at Wimby and 4 runner-ups aren’t too bad either!!)  so with that…………………………

GO ANDY!!!!!!!!!

PS – Drama, drama on the girl’s side! WOW!! I was in pain

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