Worth Reading!!!

Death to Record Labels!!!

from Rolling Stone Magazine…Part 1 of a 2 part article!

Been watching cool indie movies!! Two AWESOME ones??
La Vie En Rose – wanna see it again!! love you Jen!! Check this out for the real Edith!! And here too….LOVE this song….!!! She was SO amazing!!!!!! her voice WOW!!!!!

AND – side spiting funny from Frank Oz….who's SUCH a cool guy!! (Hear him speak last night!!) Death at a Funeral!!!

Alan Tudyk is HILARIOUS!!!! Texas boy too!! The only American in the cast!! He's awesome too!! And SUCH a cutie!!! He spoke as well!! Man I learn a lot from those!!! (SAG rocks!!)

Back to Wimbledon! Fed-head, Nadal, Blake, and Andy all still in!! I was SO pullin' for ya Tim!!! Ah! non je ne regrette rien!!!

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