College Daze: back at Centenary!! Also, Eban!!…George Clooney?? NO WAY!!! I SO didn’t need to know that!!

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was invited to speak at my old college stomp, Centenary College. It was at what we music majors call, R&R or Recital Hour. I was always curious as to why it had 2 “R’s.” Was it for Reading and Recital? Hmmm…I asked once and that was the response. Well, I spoke on what it’s like being an unsigned “indie” artist and all of the info I wish I had known at their age!  I was impressed at how many students were there! I think there was a head count of around 60. I know that when I was there, most of us skipped out on R&R. He had a certain number that we HAD to attend for credit, but skipped out on as many as possible. We were good students…just busy with other things…like watching movies, and…such!   (I’m not sure if I would have come to see…me…) ANYWAY, it seemed to have gone well! Thank you SO much to Dr. Smith for inviting me! Jen you’re an angel for suggesting it…and for introducing me!! I was a bit nervous about your intro, though! We’ve been best friends forever and you know E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G people would love to know about me…so shhhhhhhhhh!! Mums the word! Right?  You did great! And thank you to the students for being so receptive and good questions! (With what little time I had left for it…sorry, I’m a talker!) Even “Mr. Whistle-man’s” question!! I would have asked that! (You know who you are!)  And Dr. English!! You STILL look fantastic!! All the girls had a crush on him when I was there!  He looks just like Sean Connery AND he’s a fantastic vocalist and actor! Oye! You have it all!! (Thank you for your advice!) And Jen & Tom (a.k.a. Dr. & Mrs. Stone…same Jen as mentioned above.) I’m paying for dinner next time!!! ARG!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and Kisses! See you Saturday!!


Random: Thank you Eban (with Reaching for Lucidity #140) for the…wow what’s the word…“strange?”… no…“hairy?” … no “scary?” …yeah, maybe…“scary” mental image of George Clooney!  Yikes! I only HOPE everyone was drunk!  And thank you for the play in #141! You STILL rock!!

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