LIVE! With Mick Jagger & Roseanne Barr?

So, I really love watching LIVE! (Ya know Regis & Kelly…)Of course, Regis is AWESOME and I’m VERY happy with Kelly (after K-L) and mainly because she says what I think! J HA! She was mentioning the Super Bowl…it was on…I didn’t really watch! But Regis started talking about the half time show…the Stones! OKAY! Before I knew they were doing the halftime show, a student…12 years old mind you who had no clue who ‘the Stones’ were except those, “old guys who still sing!” (I’m serious! She said that!) I told her that when I was her age they were making their first “come back.” They did this video called “Start Me Up.” (Thank you Kelly for reminding me!) and Mick Jagger’s dance movements really disturbed me! He reminded me of this dorky guy in Elementary school that…if he were to dance…would look like that! I couldn’t watch the video! I would go into the other room and wait for the next one!! And…as Kelly overtly mentioned…his big mouth freaked me out! I think it’s this Dracula fear-fixation I’ve had f-o-r-e-v-e-r-. (Thank you Diane, my sister!) For a kid, a big mouth equals a big monster that eats little children….run away…run away!! So I relay the “video story” to my student and she said, “I’ve seen him dance and you’re right! He’s freaky! I can’t watch him either!” So the Stone…who are fantastic in their genre…are now freaking out other little children. I find that interesting! It’s all about the effect on society…good or bad…cool or dorky…fear or safety! It doesn’t matter as long as you have an effect!!


…so what’s the deal with Roseanne Barr singing kid’s song? Oye!! (…down on the donut farm…?) So now it’s cool to be wholesome? What has Mel Gibson done to society???

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