ASCAP/BMI "2 cents"

I tried to post this on DSC wiki….but unsure if I did it right. Anywho, here's an idea:


Just a thought on the ASCAP and BMI thing: Perhaps some type of usage…rights…I don’t know the technical term…can be compromised for Podcasters and ASCAP/BMI similar to a nonprofit organization (where its $$ is all donations and free to the public). ASACAP/BMI can “donate” 15 licensed music tracks per month or 100 per year (…something like that). That way Podcasters can choose a certain number of licensed music tracks to play and still have the better percentage of their music from indie artists who need listeners. A company that has an interesting feature is Rhapsody where you can sign up to stream 25 tracks completely for free that reloads every month. You can listen to the entire song, but you don’t pay for it. So I guess there must be a difference with licensure between streaming and full fledged downloading. I’m still getting to listen to the song/piece in its entirety for free. WHAT IF, I had a digital recorder recording my favorite radio show everyday? I could upload it to a CD and listen to it in my car whenever I choose. Maybe I’m slow in this area, but I don’t understand the difference….


I’m sure this has all been covered before but wanted to put my 2 cents in.


Also, the “automatic” enrollment for artists to either ASCAP/BMI could work especially for BMI because it’s free to join. And, no, you can’t be a member of both.


I digress…

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