Daily Source Code (Part 2)

Wow, two blogs in one day. (See part 1 for more explanation.) Explanation 2: I was boring myself and thought…you would be too! ARG! So, on other things about the October 2nd Daily Source Code Pod. (hee, hee.) Thank you Patricia for enjoying my voice. You, by the way, are fantastic! Adam, thank you for putting me in her category. I’m honored, but Patricia has a sound all to herself that rocks!


The song “Make Believe” was chosen by the producer, and Chris and I wanted to make it…a little more…smooth. Bill (the producer) loves musicals (as do I) so most of the tracks on the album were from TV or stage musicals from the 1920’s. But, hey if you have any suggestions on song choices?….I’m ALL EARS!! I am working on the original stuff; I hope to get that out a-sap.


Oh, and yes, I have done plenty of lounge singing and the smoke…bad, bad; Adam…does take its toll on your voice. I’ve taken a hiatus…at least from the ones that allow smoking. (Plus my day job has been keeping me pretty busy.)


Country music? Hmm, well being from Texas I have sung at plenty of O’pry Houses especially when I was younger…and yes, I sang country music…usually along the lines of Reba, Juice Newton, and Roseanna Cash. Hey, I had fun! I had to stick to “clean country” (hee, hee) my parents wouldn’t allow me to sing, “Sleeping Single in a Double Bed” when I was 10.


Now, I really will shut-up!

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