Gazebo Garble

Okay this was a crazy day! I finally had one day where I really didn’t have much to do. So, I wanted to spend it outside helping my parents in the yard and garden. Then I got a wild idea about getting a gazebo! You know the one’s that you put up and it has the mosquito net…those kind. So, I hoped in the car lookin’ pretty gruff and went to Sears. I found this really cool one that was on sale. It was 20 X 12. Perfect! While I was there…Murphy’s Law…I ran into EVRYONE I ever knew looking like a ragamuffin! (At least that’s what mom said.) Oh well! I took it home and began the assembly process. 2B goes with 2 and 3B goes with 3…blah, blah, blah. It was really a neat idea, the parts were corded together for “easy assembly.” I was going right through this without a hitch! It was almost complete when….the inevitable happened. One of the parts…that were corded together mind you… were: 2B, 2B, 2, 2B. You see the problem was that the progression was SUPPOSED to be 2B, 2B, 2B, 2. So a “biggie” part was next to another “biggie” part and …well they just wouldn’t fit together. So I thought, I could cut the cord and make it work! “WAIT!” my dad said, “check the rest of them.” And sure enough another piece was wrong! Only in THIS case it was 2B, 2, 2B, 2. See the problem? Not only were the “biggie” and smallie” parts miss matched, I was missing a 2B and had an extra 2!! ARG!!  I couldn’t even cut this one to make it work! By now, it was getting afternoon time and I had to be somewhere else! So I ended up going to that event looking a little…well…like I looked before. Anywho, I was, to say the least, irritated! But, on my afternoon excursion, I met up with a few of my wonderfully talented students for a few hours and felt much better.  Afterwards I had the daunting task of taking apart everything and sticking the pieces back into the TINY box it all came in and take it back to Sears! So, I go back to Sears. They were great! No problem! I told them the issue, they apologized and I got my money back. (I just didn’t want to fool with it anymore…the thrill was GONE!) So, as I was getting everything finalized, one of the many employees who were there (I think it was a trainee day or something) said, so I heard that you are a former Miss Louisiana.  (Remember how I looked! Yuk!) I so thought about lying! But I said, “Yep, don’t look like it right now, though!” And he laughed! He could have disagreed with me…but I would have laughed too! He proceeded to tell me that a guy from the morning told everyone in the store. And I know who it is!! I’m not going to mention any names…ALEX RAIN!!…but I could have slapped you!! Oh well!! I should call you up on your radio show and give you a bru-ha blessing out!! I guess that’ll teach me not to look like Medusa when I go out in public…or maybe not! .

5 thoughts on “Gazebo Garble

  1. (contraction of IRL and OL)1: (irlol nervosa) a schizotypal disorder which causes confusion between realspace and hyperspace, resulting in either taking the internet too seriously or behaving in public as one would online (such as using acronyms like lol to describe their emotions)

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