Louisiana French…

First of all, Miss Louisiana last week was a BLAST! I can’t even say how much fun it was! Wow! Wayne and the entire crew ROCKS! *Photos Coming Soon*


Congrats to Molly! Girl, I remember judging you when you were but a baby!  ARG!! Man, I feel old. And NO Wayne its 1995 NOT 1985!! I was but a babe then!!


On a sadder note, Nadal lost in the 2nd round today.  I didn’t get to see all of the match on the “telly” in the states, but I kept close tabs online: http://www.wimbledon.org

I did however get to see Timmy Henman practically give his countrymen (and me toward the end of the match) a royal heart attack!  Timmy came back from 2 match points! Fitness, Tim…it’s all about fitness ole boy!! BUT, move over now…here comes Murray!!!


Next match for me to glue? Roddick/Bracciali. I’m anxious to see how hard Bracciali will fight! It will either be smashing or quite blah!

2 thoughts on “Louisiana French…

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