Shie Rozow

Time has gotten away from me! It’s now June and while talking with one of my amazing musician friends Daryl Kojak tonight, I realized I had not posted about my work with Shie Rozow back in April. It was truly an honor!

So, please forgive me!

I did post it on Facebook, but rarely get on that particular social media every day.

You may recognize me in my New York Yankees T-shirt. 🙂

It even got some lay on a local station in Los Angeles which was pretty cool too!

Anyway, I plan to post again soon.

And thank you SO much to everyone who has donated to help keep my studio a float! I’m not out of the woods yet and since I don’t fit the qualifications for a Small Business grant or Loan, it’s just me, a handful of students and the kindness of fans. Please only give if you are able! Times are tough in so many ways!