1st WordPress Post

After long consideration, I’ve decided to leave blogharbor and go to WordPress.

Bottom line? It’s free and Blogharbor is at lease $80 a year. Granted I may have to add more MBs to my .NET site, but that will NOT be $80 (or even close) as I’ve already found out.

Anywho, this will be a work in progress and you can keep up with it via: http://blog.karmyntyler.net

I understand that there is loads I can do, but….I’m not sure how to do it all just yet. So you may come back to find things all different! I’m just glad that EVERYTHING came over in the export! (Yippee!)

So far (aside from getting a Google Ad widget that works) all has been MUCH better than blogharbor!

So, Goodbye Bloghorbor, HELLO WordPress.

BTW – That means no more posts on Blogharbor and it should cut off in September.